How do bird spikes and bird netting differ?!
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Bird netting and bird spikes is a method of getting rid of birds. It provides protection against wild birds and pests. By applying such techniques one is able to protect themselves or a building from birds.

What are bird spikes?

The bird spikes can be installed easily on window sills, ledges, chimneys, rooftop edges and walls. These are of spike shape and helps in providing a protection from birds. It is one of the finest and easiest ways of preventing the property from wild birds. The pest and bird control products are easily available in market. Such products are easy to use and manage. They are extremely affective and humane.

What is meant by Bird netting?

Bird netting is also used for getting rid of wild birds. Different capturing methods and techniques are used to make the home and office bid free. Birds may sometimes cause serious health issues. Before applying any capturing techniques make it sure that you are applying a good one and the one which you are using does not harm the birds. In order to capture the birds safely a proper plan should be made and the arrangements are then made according to it.

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